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Lemonade Tribal Braids Looks

Lemonade Tribal Braids Looks
Lemonade Tribal Braids Looks

A hairstyle that has deep roots in history, braiding has traversed cultures and ages, continuously adapting to changing fashion trends and lifestyles.

The myriad of braid styles that we see today have evolved from traditional methods, each having its own story and character. Today’s topic of interest is an entrancing blend of traditional and contemporary braiding techniques – the Lemonade Tribal Braids. These braids are an amalgamation of age-old tribal braiding methods with a modern twist inspired by the iconic ‘lemonade’ style, made famous by pop superstar, Beyoncé.

Braids for Women

Lemonade Tribal Braids Looks

Braids are versatile and can adapt to any type of hair – long, short, straight, or curly. In this cornucopia of styles, some stand out due to their universal appeal and distinctive looks. Classic three-strand braids, for instance, are the most common and easiest to do, even for beginners. French braids, characterized by their ‘woven’ appearance, give off a touch of elegance. The more intricate Dutch braids, also known as ‘inverse French’, create a 3D effect, ideal for those seeking a bolder style.

A crowd favorite is the Fishtail braid, a delicate, herringbone pattern that provides a neat and stylish look. Waterfall braids have a cascading effect, making them an excellent choice for a romantic event. Box braids, popularized in the 90s, are still trendy and often worn by celebrities for their chic and hip vibe.

Finally, there are the Lemonade Tribal Braids. This innovative style combines the essence of traditional tribal braiding and the modern ‘lemonade’ side-swept technique, inspired by none other than the pop culture icon, Beyoncé, in her Lemonade album.

Lemonade Braids with Heart

Lemonade Braids with Heart take the conventional lemonade style a notch higher by infusing it with a touch of heartwarming sentimentality. The hairstyle is characterized by braids that originate from a heart-shaped parting at the crown, a delightful and expressive deviation from the usual. This enchanting fusion of romance and ethnicity is a testament to the versatility of braided hairstyles.

Lemonade Braids with Heart add a touch of personality to the conventional braid, making it more than just a hairstyle; it’s a statement. The heart-shaped parting can be achieved using a rat tail comb, and the size of the heart can be adjusted according to personal preference. This adorable twist on the classic lemonade braid style is ideal for special occasions and for those who like their hairstyles to mirror their vibrant personalities.

Side Lemonade Braids

Side Lemonade Braids have gained popularity due to their elegance and how they accentuate an individual’s features. Beyoncé brought this style into the limelight, and since then, it has become a go-to braid style for many. The distinguishing characteristic of Side Lemonade Braids is the sweeping cascade of braids falling primarily to one side of the face, generally the left, akin to a waterfall.

This creates an aesthetic asymmetry that is both captivating and contemporary. Side Lemonade Braids are more than just a way to style your hair; they offer a canvas for personal expression. Whether they are paired with accessories or worn in their simple elegance, Side Lemonade Braids are a surefire way to make a style statement.

Peekaboo Braids

Peekaboo Braids embody the essence of playfulness and surprise. They are named ‘peekaboo’ because they are woven beneath layers of hair, making them a surprise element in the overall hairstyle. This style of braiding is an interesting spin on the traditional braiding techniques as the braids aren’t immediately visible. Peekaboo Braids come into sight only when the hair moves, offering an unexpected yet delightful surprise. These hidden gems add a layer of intrigue to your look while retaining the classic grace of braided hairstyles. Peekaboo Braids are a perfect choice for those who prefer subtlety and appreciate an element of fun in their hairstyle. They make a simple yet striking fashion statement, proving once again that with braids, the possibilities are endless.

Tutorial Lemonade Tribal Braids

Lemonade Tribal Braids might seem challenging due to their intricate design, but with practice, you can ace this beautiful style. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Start with clean, detangled hair. Part your hair horizontally from ear to ear. The top section will be for your tribal braids, while the bottom is for the Lemonade braids.

Step 2: Begin with the top section. Make small boxes using a rat tail comb. Each box will be the base for one tribal braid.

Step 3: Apply some hair cream or gel to the first box section to ensure smooth braiding. Use your preferred braiding method to create the first tribal braid. You can choose to braid with your natural hair or add extensions for extra length and volume.

Step 4: With the remaining box portions, repeat the procedure. For a tidy appearance, be consistent with the box sizes and braid thickness.

Step 5: Once you’re done with the top section, it’s time for the Lemonade braids. Part your hair diagonally for each braid to achieve the side-swept look. Remember to braid close to the scalp and direct the braids to the side you prefer.

Step 6: Continue the process until all your hair is braided. For a polished finish, you can use a hot water seal on the ends of the braids (only applicable if you’ve used synthetic extensions).

Step 7: Lastly, lay your edges with a good edge control product. This not only tames flyaways but also gives your hairstyle a neat, finished look.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it right on your first try.


What are Lemonade braids really called?

Lemonade braids, a popular style, are traditionally known as side-swept cornrows in hair styling terminology.

Why are Lemonade braids called Lemonade?

The term “Lemonade braids” originates from Beyoncé’s 2016 visual album ‘Lemonade,’ where she featured the style.

Who started Lemonade braids?

While side cornrows are rooted in African cultures, their current name and popularity can be attributed to Beyoncé.

Are Lemonade braids comfortable?

Although lemonade braids are generally comfy, it’s important to avoid irritation and possible hair damage by not braiding them too tightly.

Wrap Up!

Whether you are a braid enthusiast or a newbie looking to try something different, Lemonade Tribal Braids are a great option. From types of braids to tutorials, we hope this article has given you insight into the world of Lemonade Tribal Braids. They are not just a hairstyle; they are an artistic expression of one’s identity, blending the rich cultural tradition of tribal braiding with modern trends. So, why not give it a shot and flaunt the elegance of Lemonade Tribal Braids?


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I am passionate about helping others live their best lives through informative and relatable content. I have a knack for breaking down complex topics and presenting them in a way that is easy to understand and applicable to everyday life.